Wednesday, 8 August 2018

"Kehte hain agar kisi cheez ko dil se chaho toh puri kaynaat usse tumse milane ki koshish mein lag jaati hai.”

Some people meet through friends, or online, some at work, and maybe a few during college or even at a bar. Then there are these couples who have unbearably sweet “How We Met” stories. Stories that are so ridiculously amazing that serve as special reminders that beautiful things can still happen... when you least expect it or if you let them happen.

This blog we talk about a couple who recently got engaged in Bangalore and chose us as their Decorators - Sandhya and Mayank. Their story is guaranteed to make you believe that love happens in the most surprising ways. 

Sandhya is self proclaimed ‘Filmy’ and a huge Bollywood fan. She first met Mayank when he came for a job interview at their work place, 8 years ago! Their work friendship grew into a thick friendship or like she defines it, they became ‘Chuddi Buddies’ and a true bond of love and admiration (no they still weren’t dating yet) began. Like any typical BFF relationship, they hung out everyday after work, grabbed beers, met each other’s crushes while at that, spoke about life in general and continued the daily grind. Until one day, after constant harrowing from friends and office mates, Sandhya realized she may have feelings towards Mayank a bit more than she likes to express. This soft feeling grew into something a lot like love. Mayank knew, but they never spoke about it. Life happened, they grew apart and didn’t speak to each other in spite of working at the same office for almost 2 years. Later, one Valentine’s Day, Mayank gathered courage to speak to Sandhya and tell her he knew all along but never reciprocated his love because they both didn’t want to risk the beautiful friendship they had. He however confessed his love for her and asked for forgiveness for the years lost in vain. This was their turning point. A couple of months after resuming their friendship they finally started dating. There was no looking back!
It’s been 3 blissful years and they recently got engaged in a beautiful private ceremony, which we were also a part of by being their decorators. 
The decor theme for this lively, gorgeous couple was a subtle mix of peach and pink. We gave them a fuss free backdrop on the main stage made with peach drapes, chilly lights, glass jars filled with small bouquets of roses, carnations and greens and lastly to add an extra spark we used cutting chai glasses and filled them with rose petals and tealights. At the entrance to welcome the guests, we used peach drapes and tied them with a wreath of mixed flowers! The tables were decorated with beautiful flower centrepieces and candles.
Wishing this lovely Jodi only love, love and lots of love!

Thursday, 14 June 2018

How to Decorate with Carnations

The flower ‘Carnation’ wasderived from Greek words that literally mean ‘Heavenly Flowers’.

There are a plethora of reasons to love Carnations, as one of Bangalore’s prominent event planners we at Avenues Weddings have listed a number of ways you can enjoy these sensational beauties! These underrated yet gorgeous flowers are sturdy and last long, very long which makes them perfect (in my honest opinion) for wedding décor,baby showers, bouquets, wreaths, to splash some colour at home or even stunning flower crowns.

Flowers have the influence to create an exceptionally romantic ambiance like no other. Although not everyone has the budget to fill up the entire wedding venue or party with fresh flowers, you can still create a lush, flower-filled look using Carnations.

Here’s some ways I personally think these flowers can be used.

1. What I love about Carnations is the many colours they are available in which makes them versatile while using for decorations.

(Image via Pinterest.Avenues Weddings does not own the rights to this image.)

     2.  Ombre curtain of Carnations. What’s not to love? Subtle, simple, can be used as a perfect backdrop for wedding décor, be it a photo booth or just an entry. Take your vows in front of this minimalistic drape, use it as a phoolkachaadar for your entry! Tell me what you like about it?

(Image via Pinterest. Avenues Weddings does not own the rights to this image.)

     3.    One of my favourite ways to use Carnation, tie it up with a simple ribbon to make it a lovely bouquet. Use it in a vase or simply to gift!

(Image via Pinterest. Avenues Weddings does not own the rights to this image.)

   4.    Who say’s Carnations cannot be used in an Indian Setting? Ghungru + Carnations = a lovely back drop for a mehendi set up!

(Image via Pinterest. Avenues Weddings does not own the rights to this image.)

   5.    A simple yet lovely idea from my personal favourite brand, Good Earth! A quick way to spruce up a boring corner at home! Use a vintage vase or a tea kettle to place the Carnations. 

(Image via Pinterest. Avenues Weddings does not own the rights to this image.)

   6.   Taking Indo Western concept home with this beautiful idea. Carnation + Marigold strings to dapperup your Mehendi backdrop.

                    (Image via Pinterest. Avenues Weddings does not own the rights to this image.)

   7.    Drop down carnations to adorn your archway in beautiful striking Magenta Carnations!

(Image via Pinterest. Avenues Weddings does not own the rights to this image.)

     8.    String of pink carnations to adorn the doorway of a ‘ShaadiKaGhar’.

(Image via Pinterest. Avenues Weddings does not own the rights to this image.)

     9.    Introduce flowers as a simple center piece set up for a kiddie party. Elegant yet quirky way to bring in flowers on the table by making a carnation cone!

(Image via Pinterest. Avenues Weddings does not own the rights to this image.)

    10.    Keeping it fresh, a lovely summer mix of hybrid Canations and Baby’s Breathe with Citrus to brighten up your table! Love this idea for an outdoor party!

(Image via Pinterest. Avenues Weddings does not own the rights to this image.)

      11.    Move aside Rose balls, here’s how you can use Carnations to make your center pieces look like an expensive affair and sophisticated!

(Image via Pinterest. Avenues Weddings does not own the rights to this image.)

      12.    Flower infused stirrer, what a wonderful way to add colour to your Gin & Tonic! Perfect for cocktail evenings!

(Image via Pinterest. Avenues Weddings does not own the rights to this image.)

     13.    Make an enticing Boho Chic bridal bouquet with this winning combination using Carnations, Baby’s breathe and Burlap!

            ( Image via Pinterest. Avenues Weddings does not own the rights to this image.)

     14.    Lastly, a vibrant Carnation varmala!

(Image via Pinterest. Avenues Weddings does not own the rights to this image.)

     Their affordability is great from a budget point of view and they look spectacular when displayed in bulk. Convinced yet? Let us know which idea you like best and how you used it! We’d love to hear from you.



Thursday, 31 May 2018

“There is no more lovely, friendly and charming relationship, communion or company than a good marriage.”

                 25 Years… celebrating a silver anniversary and it’s just the beginning!

Surely 25 years of love and togetherness must and should be celebrated and when you’re as young at heart as this “Mint To Be “the celebrations are bound to be special.

Hema and Natraj recently completed 25 glorious years of being married and wanted to have a themed wedding anniversary celebration with their near and dear ones from all around the globe. Trust us when we say globe, we saw guests pouring in to celebrate their love from everywhere! This is one couple who knows how to throw a celebration. We at Avenues Weddings and events were delighted to be event planning, coordinating and executing this memorable festivity.

Hema was at the center of the planning and designing and it was joyful for our team at Avenues to work towards putting her vision into reality. We curated handcrafted welcome bags of goodies for her outstation guests. Our friends at Rasa-lila body products gave us the perfect selection to fill the goody bags. This “Nuts About Eachother” couple went the distance to make sure their guests were pampered all the way. 


Cocktails & Dinner

Words can’t describe how grateful we are every time someone calls upon us to be a part of their celebrations. Putting together an event and watching them enjoy is what we yearn for. We at Avenues Weddings and Events put together two days of fun filled celebrations for Hema and Natraj.

The first event was a Cocktail to welcome the guests and for everyone to be able to let their hair down and live it up. The event was held at the Leela Palace, Bengaluru. An Arabian Night’s theme had been chosen for this celebration and it came out looking fantastic. A live band had been flown in from Mumbai and MC Abbas led the celebrations with his shairai, keeping everyone in peals of laughter.

Coloured lanterns, hookas and upside down umbrellas dotted the décor against the backdrop of colorful fabric.  The twinkling candles and chilli lights added magic and romance to the setting.

We also specially designed and hand packaged party favours for all the guests to take home as a reminder of this festivity!


South Indian fusion is how we like to describe this casualand extremely colourful setting with lots of natural elements in it.

The pooja area was decorated with traditional marigold flowers and laced with fresh coconuts to bring in a green natural vibe and of course keep the guests cool through the ceremony! Traditional pickle jars were decorated with balls of marigold and a side of whole turmeric sticks.


The guests were seated on the lawn around the pooja area. We put together an array of colourful gazebos for the guests to sit under and enjoy as they watched the lovely couple Hema and Natraj renew their vows with a simple pooja.

On a hot morning the absolutely adorable nariyal -pani cart adorned with marigolds was a much loved refreshment for the guest. And we also had a beautiful cart giving away gorgeous glass bangles to the guests. 

This event was in a way to give thanks to people who had been a part of the couple’s journey so far, a reason to celebrate with their loved ones. Post the pooja, a traditional vegetarian ‘YelleOtta’ meal was served to the guests. Theguests were treated to a sumptuous meal of different varieties of traditional south Indian cuisine ofstarters, mains and desserts.

The guests took home lovely potted plants as memories from the celebration with the direction to “letlove grow

Avenues wishes Hema and Natraj another amazing, fun filled and madly in love 25 years. Avenues will be around and delighted to help this beautiful couple celebrate their 50th golden anniversary as well. 

Monday, 7 May 2018


When this gorgeous girl decided to bring her Scottish boy home - the family wanted to celebrate! 

This beautiful girl had broken many hearts before deciding to marry her Scottish beau. The official wedding was done in Edinburgh but this didn’t stop her family from wanting to celebrate their love with all the fanfare and hence began our journey with the client to plan and execute this elegant celebration. 

Finding the perfect venue

The common consensus was to choose an enticing outdoor location, we accompanied the family to make this selection and finally settled on the charming backdrop of Bangalore’s classic property – ‘Jayamahal Palace Hotel’. The lush lawns of this heritage hotel created the perfect placid and romantic setting.

Designing the invite 

Our client’s impeccable taste sent us on a hunt for an understated yet elegant card. We brought on board one of our favorite designers and the result was this gorgeous lazer cut lace jacket in a dull gold with a lovely green insert to match. Our client was thrilled beyond words. The card reflected their style and personality perfectly and we were over-joyed at having aced this one!

Personalized services – made sure our bride dazzled!

Our bride was only going to turn up in Bangalore a couple of weeks before the celebration so it was upon us to find her the right outfit for her big day. Our team had a detailed video conference with her to understand her taste and choice and then began the quest for the elusive ‘to die for’ ghagra. Over many video calls and debates the final outfit was designed and executed by a friend and trusted designer! The team not only did embroidery samples for approval from our client but also waited for our bride to arrive in Bangalore before the final tailoring and fitting and turned out the outfit to perfection. This white and antique gold ghagra was a style statement and our bride wore with grace and aplomb. 

Makeup artists were also lined up for our bride to do trials with before she finalized one and what a stunning job he did! He worked his magic and our bride and made her look her best for the special occasion. Smokey gold eyes and a deep red lipshade brought out natural beauty and highlighted her features making her look radiant. Our Scottish groom had eyes for no one else but his gorgeous bride J

Detailing – coz the devil is in the detail 

The bride and groom didn’t want a formal stage but wanted to walk around and greet their guests and mingle with their friends and family. However they wanted to have a lot of fun and dance and we needed a set up for the cake cutting, ring exchange and other festivities. We decided to have a jazz artist on an elevated stage to set the mood for the celebrations. Their stage was bedecked in heavy gold drapes and a hint of peach and white floral decor. A dance floor was erected center stage and we opted for a gorgeous print in shades of peach to compliment this reception setup.  The palace backdrop was completely lit up with a golden glow and served as a natural royal backdrop. 


Our client didn’t want anything flash or over the top but instead in keeping with their classy tastes choose rustic themed décor. We chose to go with a soft and subtle color pallet, of dreamy whites and soft peachy flowers tied together with plenty of green foliage and twinkling candles. The entrance to the lawns was bedecked with cascading orchids and ivy and set the stage for the rustic feel we were going for in this décor theme.  A grand entrance was planned for the bride and groom who were showered with rose petals as they entered. Timing it to perfection the rose petal shower and a love song struck up the welcome this beautiful duo.

The dance floor was set up for the cake cutting and ring ceremony. Layers and layers of moist Date cake filled with sea salt and toffee fudge, tons of toasted walnuts and vanilla Swiss meringue buttercream made by Cocovanille our trusted baker who only uses the finest and best ingredients. The cake table was covered in delicate gold lace and a flower and candle centerpiece. The cake itself was a super hit with the way it looked and tasted. 


The couple’s wedding rings were placed in a handmade ring holder fashioned by our in house team.  The ring exchange was a moment to behold with our cold fire sparklers going off in unison.

All our 500 guests were treated to a sit down dinner of delicious Dum Biryani and other finger licking Indian food. While every table was cover in a flowing white embossed table overlay the centerpiece was a vintage candle holder with a wreath of flowers around it. The soft glow of the many candles added a delicate charm to the entire setting. Handmade and personalized wedding favors’ along with thank you cards were placed at every seat. The favors were much appreciated by the guests who loved the little pun (intended)!

The highlight of our décor however was the bridal dinner table.  This beauty was set up for the immediate family and was covered in rose gold printed jute table cover and the whole length of it done with flowers and candles. Overhead hung a canopy of green and white flowers with candles suspended in jars,  a gorgeous setting for this amazing wedding celebration. We completed the décor with rustic décor on each of the chairs at the bridal table. Heavy lace tie backs and flowers were used to give the setting its final touch. 

Our clients were thrilled with the way the event turned out and their guests couldn’t stop praising every detail that had gone into make this fabulous even a huge success. We at AVENUES WEDDING AND EVENTS were over the moon with all the compliments received and the icing on the cake for us was the love and admiration (not to mention hugs and kisses) we received from the newly wedded couple. The pleasure was all ours J

"Kehte hain agar kisi cheez ko dil se chaho toh puri kaynaat usse tumse milane ki koshish mein lag jaati hai.”

Some people meet through friends, or online, some at work, and maybe a few during college or even at a bar. Then there are these couples ...