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Lets make Weddings more fun and memorable...

We at Avenues look for innovation and new ideas. There has been enough photo albums from ages. Why not see something different?

Avenues Weddings and Events has now collaborated with an Artist/ Designer Sunaina Agrawal who has pursued her masters in Information Arts and Information Design practices from Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology. She is currently teaching in the same Institute. 

She is an illustrator who makes personalised books and has shared one of her projects with us. 
Please have a look at the link below:
This illustrated book is a sample of her making. 
Go ahead, tell your story, select images and make a journey book of your choice.

The sample book includes:
10 illustrations with a small writeup
Printing and binding: 300gsm ivory sheet / side bind
Book size: 6 inch/ 8inch
Price: 5000/-

Start your booking!!!"

Wednesday, 19 June 2019


A month ago, my older daughter Urvashi married Akash. He is not only the man of her dreams, he is also the son in law of my dreams!

The friendship that started almost five years ago, went through romance/no romance, should we/should we not and finally they tied the proverbial knot last month. It was a dream come true for both of them and for both sets of parents, once we got to know each other.
Once the engagement was over and we decided on the wedding date, everyone started asking me, “what kind of a wedding will this be?” I smiled and told everyone who asked, “2 states wedding, giving everyone a chance to witness different events as part of the ceremonies itself.”
For any mother, planning & implementing everything single handed can give her sleepless nights. Initially, I went through the same. The biggest question in my head was – Will I be able to manage? From funds to shopping, to catering to decor to managing the groom’s side of the family and our family too. I am not going to say friends and family here, for everyone who was part of the wedding was family for us. Thank God for two daughters who took to planning in a big way and making checklists, drawing up vendor names, talking to various people to get information, making trips to Chickpet, Commercial Street, Jayanagar (for the uninitiated, these are markets in Bangalore) to gather more information. There were times I felt I had two mothers and mothers in law simultaneously at home! On a serious note, without Urvashi’s organised thinking and Urmila’s practical approach to making things happen, I would not have been able to give Urvashi the wedding she wanted. I will take this opportunity to thank both my girls wholeheartedly.

For all those planning weddings in their families, here is one input from me – allow the youngsters to be involved. They will come out with flying colours when they know someone trusts them with such a huge responsibility. Very often, the more experienced family members (I am not saying old) tend to get a little impatient with the younger lot and have a classic reaction, “You don’t know about these rituals, preparation etc…we grown ups will handle it.” My point is if the youngsters aren’t given the responsibility, how will they learn? Allow them to make a mistake or two…those can be corrected. After all, the experienced of the senior family members comes in handy…to forewarn the youngsters of the pitfalls.

Month of February started with the basics like – wedding planner or no, how do we co-ordinate with the numerous vendors, what kind of a venue, indoors/outdoors, and the works. The one thing that we decided was to have a wedding planner who will work with us to deliver everything on the two most important days. Urvashi & Urmila asked me to download an app called WedMeGood ( This was Godsend as it helped me to understand what the girls and Akash were looking for during the wedding itself. Ideas were shared, lists drawn up and references sought on the app. And we shortlisted a few wedding planners, caterers and wrote down names of all possible wedding venues in Bangalore.

Venue Hunting
On a Sunday morning, we three musketeers set out to finalise the wedding venue. The girls had already done a recce and had a few names down in the diary. Every venue we visited, including the hotels fell short of what we had in mind about how the entire event will be conducted. And somehow, we were not ready to compromise…yet. At about 3.30 PM, after 7 hotels and a couple of resorts, I opened the WedMeGood app and went through the venue list. Both Urvashi & I hit upon Miraya Greens at the same time. I called a number given and spoke to a Mr Deepak Mishra, who invited me to the take a look at the place immediately. After fixing the time with him, we drove over.
Miraya Greens
All three of us fell in love with Miraya as soon we entered the gates. The greenery was beautiful, the driveway gave us a feel of how luxurious the property was. We met Mr Mishra, Lohith and Raj Kishore. All three of them were so hospitable and put us at ease straight away. Mr Mishra’s words were, “Uma ji, you have come to see Miraya. Take a look leisurely. Lohith will accompany you and show the whole place. We can then discuss everything based on your experience.”
Lohith conducted us around in the most detailed manner and I kept praying that my budget allowed me to host the wedding in this haven. The icing on the cake was when we saw the accommodation. Urvashi, Urmila & I just looked at each other with a silent agreement showing in our eyes. Subsequently, over a cup of tea with Mr Mishra, I discussed the modalities and he said to me something which I will not forget ever in my life, “Uma ji, you are conducting your first daughter’s wedding. If you decide on Miraya, it means that we are the ladakiwalas (from the bride’s side). We will ensure you get all the support from us and Urvashi will have the wedding of her dreams here.” Thank you Deepak ji. That put my mind at ease and we agreed to host the wedding in Miraya.
There are numerous aspects that make a venue hugely successful & popular. Miraya has all those aspects. Wonderful hospitality, beautifully maintained rooms, gardens & lawns, waterfall & swimming pool and the best of all in a city like Bangalore – ample parking space for 800 + vehicles! I would definitely rate them at the top in wedding venues of Bangalore.
Avenues Wedding Hospitality Services

For any event to be successful, you must have a team that will make it possible. Earlier generations had family members who could take time off and come to help and contribute towards wedding preparations. Today, we do not have that luxury. So, in steps the wedding planner, who becomes part of your family so much that you end up wondering how did I think of surviving without these guys? Nazia & Yassir of Avenues Hospitality Services became those family members for us who understood us from the word go.
How did we discover them? Again WedMeGood came to our rescue. We had met a few wedding planners before but just did not get the vibes with anyone. When we met Nazia & Yassir there was no looking back. Their understanding of what we wanted, their concern about our budget, suggestions and alternate ideas to fit in our budget and just unconditional & empathetic support whenever we raised a concern, all these endeared them to us. Their level of efficiency to handle changes, requests and last minute developments is tremendous & very very professional. Not once did I hear them crib or complain or stop smiling. I am sure they must have gone through enough heart burn in the back end. However, as true family members and thorough professionals, they ensured Urvashi & Akash had the wedding of their dreams! Thank you once again Nazia & Yassir and kudos to your team!
The Creative Kitchen
Oscar Wilde said, “After a good dinner one can forgive anybody, even one’s own relations.” This quote resonates in my head every time I think about Vishal Gupta, our caterer or “anna daata” as we say in India. At Miraya Greens we got the reference of The Creative Kitchen and we met Vishal. In our first meeting, when he understood the two state wedding concept, he made me smile with one statement, “Ma’am, don’t worry. I am a baniya also and we will have two ingredients to add to the food we serve. Tashan & Khaatirdari – style and hospitality”. I knew I could leave food & feeding to his capable hands. Vishal & Shweta, his lovely wife, who is the backbone of The Creative Kitchen, also turned out to be related to the Mittal family. That was the icing on the cake.
Vishal’s efficiency & professionalism came to the fore on the day of the wedding. We had great weather during the day and exactly when Urvashi & Akash exchanged the Jaimala, the heavens opened up and it poured! Never had I experienced rains like that in Bangalore for a long time. We got busy getting things reorganised in the mandap and the staff at Miraya Greens brought out umbrellas to cater to all the guests who were there…that itself was a miracle! Miraya did wonders to get everyone under a roof. Vishal added to that miracle by shifting the entire catering indoors within 15 minutes and some 300 plus people were comfortably floating around continuing their snacks & dinner. Vishal & Shweta, you guys were brilliant in handling everything and not once did I worry about the how, what & when of the food being served. Thank you once again!
The Family

Ever since the wedding, numerous people have been calling and sharing with me how much they enjoyed attending the ceremonies. One common thread in all those conversations is this – “Uma, hats off to your family for taking care of all of us. The way everyone was involved in all the things, young & old looking after us, ever smiling and warm…loved every bit of it.”
For that wonderful family of mine – my parents, brother & sister in law, uncles & aunts, cousins & their spouses, nieces & nephews and the grandchildren too – I am forever grateful for all the support you have given. This big fat Indian wedding would not have been possible without all of you doing what you did – rolling up your sleeves and chipping in. Thank you!
I also want to share with my daughter, Urvashi & son in law, Akash (there is a nice ring to that) while the wedding is an important event, it is your marriage that is an entire lifetime. Everyone who was part of those three days have blessed you both not only on your wedding day; their blessings are for your marriage, which is like salsa dancing.
So, go on, build your rhythm and pace and find your footsteps…twirl away into a life filled with more sunshine, less rain, even lesser storms, flowers and blooms bringing you happiness all the way!

Monday, 3 June 2019

Showered with love!

If you are the kind of person who likes to break all conventional norms, then a Bangalore monsoon wedding might be the way to go. Opposed to the popular notion that monsoon isn’t the time for a wedding, especially an outdoor wedding ….we at Avenues Weddings & Events  think it could be fun, quirky and it definitely screams romantic! Here are few reasons why Avenues weddings and events team think you must definitely consider it:

Picture credit: Pinterest

1) Easy on the pocket- Being a famous “off season” for weddings you will get venues in Bangalore, apparels and other services at a reduced cost!! It will be easier to get outdoor venues and you can provide canopies or other options in certain areas, like the dining area, DJ table, in case there is a downpour. Avenues Weddings and Events can help you out with arranging the most beautiful as well as functional setting, for your big day.

Picture credit: Pinterest

2) Natural Setting- Nature provides you with lush green surrounding which not only makes the venue more beautiful but also acts as a perfect location for a beautiful wedding shoot. Just a little pop of colour and some minimal décor will bring the entire scenery to life – job made easy. Avenues Hospitality team can also help in finding great venues that will be perfect for a Bangalore monsoon wedding.

 Picture credit: Pinterest

3)No make-up issues- We all know how lovely summer weddings are with all the bright colours and clear skies…..but it also comes with a drawback for brides ,who need to constantly touch up their make-up and bear with the layers of heavy clothes and jewels. Monsoon is a cool climate where none of these issues matter. Also, at Avenues weddings and events, they know the right make-up artists, who will suggest the right make-up for your big day.

Picture credit: Pinterest

4) Rain Dance- Everyone enjoys rain dance, from when we were kids to even now! This could be one quirky aspect of your wedding,  that will make this day a mad event of your life! You can work with Avenues Hospitality and use the right props and décor that can withstand the rain.  P.S maybe give your guests a heads up, so they can get something to change into.

Picture credit: Pinterest

5) Cheap delicious food- Food usually digs a big hole in our pockets, when it comes to weddings. But during the monsoon season you can get it at a lower cost and you can even use plastic furniture instead of lush cushion furniture to save a great deal! We all think that Bangalore weddings can be expensive......but it is not necessarily the case-if you work smart and work with the right wedding planner.

Picture credit: Pinterest

Here are some ways in which Avenues Hospitality the best wedding planners and decorators made sure, it did not rain on their parade.

An entrance pathway to a sangeet event under the canopy, to keep everything intact throughout the event. They have their own decor team and a variety of decor ideas to choose from.

They have incorporated necessities such as umbrella, with their décor. It not only goes with the theme but also does not stand out in a weird way – a blend of functionality with art.

They have incorporated necessities such as umbrella, with their décor. It not only goes with the theme but also does not stand out in a weird way – a blend of functionality with art.

A monsoon wedding is generally not something everyone opts for, but considering the cost and the fun element that comes with it, it can be a great option. We guarantee you, you will have a unique story to tell and it will be worth it! So if you are game to have such an eventful, crazy and mind blowing wedding, you can contact Avenues Hospitality who will cater to all your wedding needs in Bangalore and other cities in India because hassle free weddings are also a dream come true.

Monday, 6 May 2019

Every love story is beautiful… But ours is my favourite!

Urvashi & Akash

7th May 2019

Let us rewind to September 2014, when the two stars of our story were studying at the University of Warwick. Urvashi & Akash met for the first time through a friend - Radhey- our very own cupid! There were no sparks flying and no love at first sight. No particular interest in each other... But the universe had other plans for these two beautiful souls.

What the three did have in common was wanderlust and this helped build a friendship over time and travel. Traveling to Turkey for New Year celebrations, 2015, laid the foundation for their friendship. Somewhere between numerous holidays and road trips across Europe and UK, Urvashi & Akash started to get to know each other better and built a special bond of trust, comfort and understanding. It was always 'home' around each other and having Cupid around just made everything easier.

Crazy little thing called LOVE

Feb 2015, the month of love was when Akash & Urvashi realised that they have become 3am friends. They were not sure where destiny would take them but they chose to enjoy their present rather than worry about the future. Que sera sera...

At the end of their course in September they both returned to their respective hometown in India, not knowing what the future held in store for their relationship. They didn’t realise how deeply they were in love and maybe they would have never found out, except...

Serendipity struck!

Urvashi who lived in Bengaluru got a job offer in Delhi and you guessed it, that’s just where Akash is from. It seemed like the guardian angels had just opened the gates to love and happiness.

Every relationship needs to find its own balance between freedom & commitment and our star couple needed to find theirs too - to figure out what they wanted for their future. Akash was reluctant to commit since he wanted to be financially settled first. He wanted the love of his life to have every comfort he could give her and wanted to take things slowly. Urvashi on the other hand was crystal clear in her mind about their relationship. She wanted Akash in her life forever and always.

Above: Doing grown up things together - attending friends' weddings. 

Urvashi, our fun loving yet mature bride helped Akash to overcome his fear of uncertainty and commitment, giving them both peace of mind. Head over heels, our hero - Akash was all that Urvashi needed to settle down in Delhi, right from shopping to setting up her first house. He became her pillar of strength and support. There was no looking back from here on!

Above from left: Akash, Urvashi and Radhey

Another step closer!

The biggest milestone in their journey was Radhey getting married. Picture a romantic wedding setup in the beautiful city of lakes and palaces, Udiapur. You’re going to feel the love and then some more… Seeing their best friend married, was all they needed to address that things were getting real. Radhey’s beautiful wedding was just what it took for these two to realise their own feelings towards their relationship. It was now or never. It was time to take their relationship to the next level. It was time for a big fat Indian wedding.

 Above: Urvashi’s Family at the engagement ceremony

The Ultimate step

Getting Urvashi's parents on board was fairly easy, they have an open, communicative relationship. It was imperative for Akash and Urvashi that both the families were completely on board. Akash also decided it was time to tell his family about his lady love. Urvashi & Akash had to wait patiently (and anxiously) for their families' approval and it was almost six months before both families were ready to go ahead.

Finally, Urvashi's future in-laws arrived in Bangalore to pay her family a visit and Urvashi left no stone unturned to make them as comfortable as possible. She was equally well accepted by Akash's mother in Delhi at their first meeting earlier. Finally, the two families met in Delhi and their engagement was fixed for 20th January 2019. 

A consistent effort of 4 years and counting, this couple was confident and resilient that they held themselves strong and made their families believe in them. Their love had to win them all.

We at Avenues weddings, Bangalore’s best wedding planner and wedding decorators will be doing what we do best - decking out the wedding venue. The flowers have arrived, lights are being strung, the sweets are being packed and love is in the air. We are honoured to be part of your special day.

On May 7th the baraat will arrive and this beautiful bride will be ready to be swept off her feet and into the arms of her love. This will be the start of their happy ever after. You are invited!

Congratulations Urvashi and Akash!

Wedding Venue: Bangalore
Wedding Planner: Avenues Hospitality Services. 

Thursday, 4 April 2019

5 bridal makeup essentials to glam up for your Sangeet.

The most fun ceremony of Indian weddings is the sangeet ceremony. Great food, lot of songs, but always a matter wherein ladies don’t know how to prepare themselves for the evening without overdoing things. We have 5 simple tips to save you burning your pockets as well transform your look into the limelight.

1)  Compact/Foundation- You can use either of this or both depending on the pre-wedding function location, if it's outdoor one, go for a foundation. You can use compact if you are looking for a minimal look.

       Our fav picks are

i)     L’oreal True match foundation
ii)  Maybelline Fit me poreless foundation
iii)           Compact, Maybelline super fresh compact
iv)Lakme 9 to 5.

1)  Kajal - You can easily play around with one single kajal stick for many purposes. You can use as eyeliner, an underwater line of your eyes, dark kohl, inner corner of the eyes for extra dimension. You can use a little of this to as eyeshadow to create a Smokey look. You can use your jet black smudge proof kajal.

  Our fav picks are

1)  Colorbar Just Smokey Eye Pencil
2)  Bobbi Brown Smokey Eye Kajal Liner
3)  Nykaa EyemSMOKy Kajal Eye Liner
        4)  Lakme Eyeconic Kajal 

1)  Mascara- You cannot miss this. This is the desert island of a beauty product. Ensure you invest in a good mascara to create that extra volume so that your eyes can do the talking.

   Our fav picks are
1)  Bobbi Brown Smokey Eye Mascara
2)  Maybelline New York Volume Express Hyper Curl Mascara
3)  L’oreal Paris Voluminous Lash Paradise Mascara
        4)  Lakme Eyeconic Curling Mascara 

4) Lipstick: This needs no introduction on how important it is for the transition. Play with some bold reds, purple and fuchsia pink. 
Check this: Best Lipsticks

5) Highlighter: This is our favourite pick and a Holy Grail product.  This single product will completely change you to a glamour’s one. You can use it as eye shadow and also in the corner of your eyes to pop up your eyes in the entire face makeup. We love baked Highlighters, Maybelline Master Chrome is our favourite.

That’s all ladies hope you'll love it and do post your pictures by tagging us in
Instagram @avenuesweddings
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Lets make Weddings more fun and memorable... We at Avenues look for innovation and new ideas. There has been enough photo albums f...